A Decade of Research on School Principals

A Decade of Research on School Principals
Author : Helene Ärlestig
Publisher : Springer
Total Pages : 543
Release : 2015-11-13
ISBN 10 : 9783319230276
ISBN 13 : 3319230271
Language : EN, FR, DE, ES & NL

A Decade of Research on School Principals Book Description:

This book provides a unique map of the focus and directions of contemporary research on school leadership since 2000 in 24 countries. Each of these directions has its own particular cultural, educational and policy history. Taken together, the various chapters in the volume provide a rich and varied mosaic of what is currently known and what is yet to be discovered about the roles and practices of principals, and their contributions to the improvement of teaching and the learning and achievement of students. The particular foci and methodological emphases of the research reported illustrate the different phases in the development of educational policies and provision in each country. This collection is an important addition to existing international research that has shown beyond any reasonable doubt that the influence of school principals is second only to that of teachers in their capacity to impact students’ progress and achievement and to promote equity and social justice.

School Principal
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When we think about school principals, most of us imagine a figure of vague, yet intimidating authority—for an elementary school student, being sent to the principal’s office is roughly on par with a trip to Orwell’s Room 101. But with School Principal, Dan C. Lortie aims to change that. Much
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In reaction to globalization, Taiwan has attempted to restructure its schools along more western lines in at attempt to attain legitimacy on the world stage. As a result, Taiwan principals, once kings within their schools, must implement reforms that are contrary to longstanding norms and traditions. Principal Leadership in Taiwan
The Challenges for New Principals in the 21st Century
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This book series, International Research on School Leadership focuses on how present-day issues affect the theory and practice of school leadership. For this inaugural book, we focused on the challenges facing new principals and headteachers. Because the professional lives of school leaders have increasingly impinged on their personal well-being and
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A school is only as good as its principal. This quip forms the thesis of Better Principals as it provides a bird’s eye view on the enactment of Haberman’s eleven core functions of a star principal. Better Principals is imperative for two main reasons. First, the achievement gap between 20
Innovations in Educational Change
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Authors: David Hung, Shu-Shing Lee, Yancy Toh, Azilawati Jamaludin, Longkai Wu
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This book offers an ecological perspective to understand the opportunities and complexities of spreading and sustaining educational innovations. It explores the imperatives underpinning educational reforms and identifies the role of schools in developing, disseminating, and sustaining changes in Singapore’s educational context. It also includes international case studies that examine the